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Impact Montana was founded for the purpose of advancing SMVF (Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families) networking and support in Montana, Impact Montana was created to subsidize existing SMVF support with new alternative and non-traditional methods of support relative to the success of life after military service. Our “Veteran Thrive Factors” have been developed based on personal military service and professional work experience as SMVF support and service providers. Working through the scope of these factors allows SMVF opportunities to build individually and as a unit (family or peer group). Impact Montana believes that a strong peer-to-peer support network and a more knowledgeable community can address the existing challenges that SMVF face. We also believe that there is not one organization that can take on the lone responsibility of SMVF support.

Board Members


Gary Brewer

Vice President

Aaron Jones


Taralyn Fisher-DeCock


Dara Rodda

Veteran Liaison to the Board

Thomas Parker

First Responder Liaison to the Board

Mike Hayes


Chris Fuller

Statewide Fundraising Team Lead

Logan Krause

Statewide Events Team Lead

Andrew Zimmer

Staff Members


Ryan Luchau

Ryan is the founder of Impact Montana and stands by its foundational principle of Montana needing to take care of our own through community based support and non-traditional programming. Ryan brings a variety of experience and a wealth of knowledge to this role as it relates to military and veteran support. This includes serving as the Community Employment Coordinator in the Homeless Veteran Recovery Program for the VA Montana Healthcare System, leading a state grant with Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services dedicated to enhancing rural access to health services for vets, serving in the Montana National Guard's Deployment Cycle Support Program, and leading the Montana Army National Guard's State Resilience Training Program just to name a few. He currently leads the Montana Joining Community Forces Career Key Service Area and serves on the Montana Governor's Board of Veterans Affairs.

He is a native Montanan and retired in December 2020 from the Montana Army National Guard after 21 years of service, deploying in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004 with the 639th Quartermaster Company and in 2018/19 as the Battalion Chaplain for the 495th CSSB. Ryan has worked in many military and veteran support capacities in the military, state government, private sector and in a faith-based context. Ryan has a BA from Washington State University and Masters in Divinity from Liberty University.  He resides in Helena, Montana with his wife and four children.

Physical Wellness Program Coordinator

Chantelle Russell

The Veteran Thrive Factor Model

The VTF consists of six functional areas that promotes an individual and/or family's ability to thrive.  The model includes Physical Health and Wellness, Career Wellness, Family Wellness, Social Wellness, Financial Wellness, and Spiritual Health and Wellness.

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