The Core of Impact Montana


Montana's service members, veterans, first responders and families THRIVING, during and after service. 


Help service members, veterans, first responders and their families define their purpose, connect with health and community solutions, and strive for what they value.


Respect-We honor those who serve and who have served community, state, and nation; and assist getting those who have served back into service [to their community].

Service-We serve without distinction all (including family members) who serve or have served community, state, and nation through a hand-up.

Innovation-We leverage unique and innovative methods to promote optimal health and wellness.

Growth-Mindset-We foster the attitude of becoming better tomorrow than today.

Community-We recognize that it takes a tribe for our mission to succeed.

Synergy-We function as a part of the solution by working through our strengths hand-in-hand with other community solutions.

It's Time to Invest in Montana.

Impact Montana was created to subsidize existing SMVFRF support with new and integrative solutions to promote one's ability to thrive. Our “Thrive Factors” have been developed based on personal service and professional work experience. Working through the scope of these factors allows opportunities to build individually and as a unit (family or peer group). 

Impact Montana understands that a strong peer-to-peer support network and a more knowledgeable community can address the existing challenges that those who serve or have served face. We also believe that there is not one organization that can take on the lone responsibility of this support.

Board Members


Gary Brewer

Vice President

Aaron Jones


Kathy Linton


Michael Brown

BOARD Member

Debora Hansen

Board Member

Nathan Wyant

Board Member

Fred Stout

Team Members


Ryan Luchau


Chantelle Russell

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