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We are a statewide continuum of support that serves Montana service members, veterans, first responders, and their families through our Veteran Thrive Factor (VTF) model of support.

The Veteran Thrive Factor Model

The VTF consists of six functional areas that promotes an individual and/or family's ability to thrive. The model includes Physical Health and Wellness, Career Wellness, Family Wellness, Social Wellness, Financial Wellness, and Spiritual Health and Wellness.

Natural/Alternative Health and Wellness and Physical Fitness Programs

Our mission is to help service members, veterans, first responders, and their families THRIVE. And if an individual is not healthy physically thriving is impossible. The intention for these programs is to help individuals recognize they have non-traditional options to assist in this effort. This is the "why" for our Natural/Alternative Health and Physical Fitness Programs. Individuals utilizing the services through our partnerships are highly encouraged to donate back to Impact Montana to increase the scope of the programming so others can benefit from these partnerships.

Natural/Alternative Health and Wellness Program

Our intention in this program is to partner with like-minded facilities that offer natural/alternative health and wellness modalities that can support some of the biggest challenges that our service members, veterans, first responders, and their families face. These challenges include but are not limited to hypertension, sleep issues, pain as a result of inflammation in the body, relaxation, muscle recovery, and adrenal fatigue. Costs for the services our partners provide are typically not covered by health insurance or other health care systems, thus Impact Montana steps in to make it easier to utilize, and gain the benefits and value of the services. Services that we help individuals access include: Biofeedback, Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, Cryotherapy, Floatation Therapy, Infrared Sauna Therapy, Massage Therapy, and Chiropractic services (when not covered by insurance). 

Partners include:


  • Dynamic Health Technologies
  • Mountain Wellness Massage
  • Made to Move Chiropractic


  • Cloud 9 Float Spa
  • Cindy Depinto Astute Salon and Massage

Physical Fitness Program

We understand how incredibly important physical fitness is in an individual's ability to thrive. Not only are being physically fit through exercise and nutrition beneficial, but the social value of being connected to others pursuing common goals through fitness is a promoter for thriving. Our partnerships with gyms/health clubs are intended to promote physical, family, financial, spiritual, and social wellness--five of the factors in our Veteran Thrive Factor model. 

Partners include:


  • Fuel Fitness
  • Yellowstone Fitness Center (in conjunction with Adaptive Performance Center)


  • Capital City Health Club
  • Crossroads Sports and Fitness
  • Fuel Fitness


  • Fuel Fitness
  • Baldwin and Peterson Built Fitness and Sports Training


  • Fuel Fitness


  • Fuel Fitness


  • Fuel Fitness

Valuable Montana Resources and Support

We are proud partners with Montana Joining Community Forces in the fight to support Montana Service members, Veterans, and their Families.

In the meantime, if you are a Service member or Veteran please request to join the Montana Warrior Network and if you are a Spouse or Service Provider the Montana Family Warrior Network for resources and support shared daily.

If you are a Service member/Veteran/Spouse seeking workforce opportunities or a Career/Transition Support Service Provider you can request to join the Montana JCF SMVS Friendly Employer Network to connect with Montana Employers who are a part of the Montana Joining Community Forces Employer Support Network.

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