Help individuals thrive.

Through our Thrive Factors model, we're helping veterans and their families in Montana live healthier and happier lives. 

One-Time Gift

One-time gifts of any amount can be made online or by sending through US Mail. 

Impact Montana

PO Box 6061

Helena, MT 59604

State Employee Giving

State Employees, please consider supporting Impact Montana through the State of Montana Charitable Giving Campaign (SECGC).

SECGC Pledge Form Instructions

Please use the following information when submitting your pledge form:

Affiliate Name: Impact Montana

Affiliate Code: 3781

Examples of how we use the funds:

  • for time related to coaching/mentoring individuals to help them grow through their service related challenges
  • to assist them in paying for integrative health services that will help them over come their service related challenges
  • sponsoring recreational sports teams or individual events that foster one's innate desire to participate in activities that are healthy for the body, mind, and soul
  • by fostering social connection through service projects and other community activities

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