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Impact Montana is adamant on creating useful programs that promote wellness amongst Service Members, Veterans and Families. Our programs are developed through community events and general fundraising campaigns where we can share our organizational information. We will only be as successful as our support structure is strong and encourage you as Montanans to get involved and help us be an asset to our state. We break down our support programs through six pillars.


Conditioning SMVF through
non-traditional physical fitness opportunities and rehabilitation.


Mentoring SMVF to help utilize and develop useful skills and abilities that will allow them to thrive.


Providing opportunities for SMVF to become more effective managers of their finances, no matter their current lifestyle.


Establishing a connection to purpose in life after military service.


Recognizing that isolation and independence can be detrimental to one’s health, we help create healthy social opportunities for SMVF to engage with each other and their community.


Fostering family growth despite the challenges that exist from military culture experience.

Founded for the purpose of advancing SMVF (Service Members, Veterans, and Military Families) support in Montana, Impact Montana was created to subsidize existing SMVF support with new alternative and non-traditional methods of support relative to the success of life after military service.  Our organizational support pillars have been developed based on personal military service and professional work experience as SMVF support and service providers.  Working through the scope of these pillars allows SMVF opportunities to build individually and as a unit (family or peer group).  Impact Montana believes that a strong peer-to-peer support network and a more knowledgeable community can address the existing challenges that SMVF face.  We also believe that there is not one organization who can take on the responsibility of SMVF support.  Impact Montana is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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