Building Stronger Montanans

The Veteran Thrive Factor model brings together training, peer-support networks, and integrative solutions to help Montana's service members, veterans, first responders, and their families thrive.

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Impact Montana

Our Definition of a Warrior

We define a warrior as someone who has engaged in battle, or conflict, and has wounds and/or scars (both seen and unseen) from it.

Warrior's battle scars don't always heal over time. Often, individuals who have experienced conflict can use a hand-up in order to be able to move forward. We are here to help warriors move forward with a hand-up and become the best version of self that they can be. 

In our case we include service members, veterans, first responders, and their families in those who we support in their ability to thrive. When our warriors are thriving and strong, Montana is stronger!

It Takes a Community

We wholeheartedly recognize that it takes a community to make sure our warriors are functioning at their peak level, despite their circumstances. That is why we are actively creating a statewide community to help our warriors become better tomorrow than they are today. When a warrior is strong, they are able to get back to being an asset in their community.

Our community includes: 

Warrior's Process for Support

Below is the process that an individual or family will go through as an Impact Montana participant, community leader and significant volunteer.

+ Step 1: Qualify

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+ Step 2: Orientation

We ask that qualified individuals go through an Impact Montana orientation to learn more about the organization and the support we can provide.

+ Step 3: Demographics Survey/Thrive Factors Assessment

Once the orientation is finished we will schedule a time to complete the Demographics Survey and Thrive Factors Assessment to determine how we can best support the individual. This information is used to help validate the work that Impact Montana is doing and will help us tell our story to potential Impact Partners and Foundations.

+ Step 4: Creating a Prescription to Thrive

This is where the individual works with Impact Montana and our partner service providers to determine what support will be best utilized in order to help the individual “become better tomorrow than they were yesterday”. We also call this the individual’s “Thrive Action Plan”. This is also where it is determined if and how much a participant is eligible for services to be covered. Some programs will automatically qualify a participant for entry into the ”Hand-Up Project”. All participants will sign a Participant Agreement or a Hand-Up Project Resolution.

+ Step 5: Connection to Partners

The individual starts to connect to, and utilize services, from our partners as determined in the Thrive Action Plan.

+ Step 6: Coaching/Mentoring

Impact Montana supports the individual through their journey by connecting on a predetermined basis. Depending on the individual’s needs, a Montana mentor may also be utilized to maximize growth and support.

+ Step 7: Equipping

Impact Montana will also support our participants with our Live2Thrive training curriculum in a retreat-type setting. This training is not a requirement (highly encouraged for Hand-Up Project Vets), but will be available as an opportunity to learn useful information relative to the Veteran Thrive Factors model.

+ Step 8: Progress Assessment

Here is where we get to validate the individual’s growth. Assessments are completed every six months and Hand-Up Project participants will have a final growth assessment after two years, with determination of future participation to follow.

We Believe in the Power to Thrive.

We know that there is not one organization that can take on the responsibility of this support. That's why we designed a model that addresses six functional areas that promote an individual and/or family's ability to thrive through partnerships.