There simply is no one right answer for how we can support our Montana Warriors. Here is our philosophy: identify what makes a person connect to self, others, community, and a higher purpose…then make it happen.

We have our model of support, but recognize that it is not the only solution; so if you have ideas or something to bring to the Impact Montana table that falls within our scope of service, we promise to make every effort possible to make it fit within our organizational framework. Sometimes it just makes sense to utilize community resources and not recreate or duplicate the tremendous work that other organizations are doing. If it makes sense to work collectively with another organization that is making something work, we will do just that.


A statewide continuum of support that is actively engaged in the health and
wellness of our Service members, Veterans and their Families through commerce, services, mentorship, and other means of community support. We do not limit our support to “Wounded Warriors”, but instead recognize and support all Warriors as having the courage to serve our great nation.


Conditioning SMVF through
non-traditional physical fitness opportunities and rehabilitation.


Mentoring SMVF to help utilize and develop useful skills and abilities that will allow them to thrive.


Providing opportunities for SMVF to become more effective managers of their finances, no matter their current lifestyle.


Helping SMVF reconnect to purpose in life during and after military service, as well as addressing moral injury challenges, both directly and through resource referral


Recognizing that isolation and independence can be detrimental to one’s health, we help create healthy social opportunities for SMVF to engage with each other and their community.


Fostering family growth despite the challenges that exist from military culture experience.

We’ve provided downloadable PDF forms below. You can edit them from your browser and then save it to your computer and email it to or if you prefer you can mail it to :

Impact Montana, Incorporated
PO Box 6061
Helena, MT 59604