Spiritual Wellness Pillar Support

For many Service members and Veterans their spirituality (or purpose) begins with their service to our country. Without denying that this is a formidable approach to patriotism and service, we take the approach that spirituality is more than just living for and serving our great nation. The challenge that one faces when they separate from service is that their purpose may be reduced, and that disconnection with their being is lost. This can be difficult for many to overcome.

Recognizing that Spirituality is part of personal comprehensive fitness it is our desire to connect Service members, Veterans, and Families to opportunities to grow spiritually. This helps them keep continuity with a balanced being.

One of the components of our Spiritual Wellness Pillar is our Christian ministry called Uniform in Christ. This ministry provides support through different events and programs with Christians who are looking for ways to connect with others who have served.

An example of a program that Uniform in Christ offers is a Christian men’s training called the Conquer Series that teaches men how to develop a battle plan against addiction. Not only is it biblically based, but it also brings science into the equation with an explanation of the brain’s involvement (neurochemistry) in addiction.

It is our desire through Impact Montana and Uniform in Christ to strengthen individuals and families, and as an example through the Conquer Series, when a man can be successful in overcoming addiction he will ultimately become more successful in all realms of his life.