Physical Wellness Pillar Support

What a huge source of strength (both literally and figuratively) for all those who have undergone the stresses of deployment. Especially for me, physical fitness was a huge remedy to boredom and a lot of time either being productive or wasted. Outside of the daily grind of working, we had a decent facility to work out in, which meant not hanging out playing video games or thinking about things that were not going to help me be successful on my deployment. Not only did I have a close group of peers who joined me in this endeavor of achieving physical fitness goals, but we also developed a close bond with our softball and flag football teams. These were also a great way to keep busy and enjoy the spirit of competition.

In a warzone, one has to be incredibly disciplined in order to be successful in the mission. And discipline does not come through a weak effort. It comes by an intense desire to become better at something. It also comes by developing and pursuing realistic goals and accountability. In order to be disciplined one must be accountable to self, someone else, and to its purpose.

This is why the Impact Montana Physical Wellness Pillar is so instrumental in supporting our military community. Developing programs and opportunities for Service members, Veterans, and Families to engage in physical fitness not only helps one seek discipline for a specific event or goal, but it also has the potential to establish peer to peer support, allowing accountability and teamwork to meet an objective. The military community thrives on accountability and meeting objectives.

So how does Impact Montana support SMVF through Physical Fitness? This is probably the most “flexible” (pun intended) pillar we have the ability to support SMVF through. The following are programs that we anticipate being able to implement in 2015.

-CrossFit Pilot Programs (currently in Helena and Missoula)
-Recreational Sports Sponsorship (support is relative to number of Veterans or current Service members on a team)
-Montana Warrior Run (currently slated for Helena, Missoula, and Billings)
-Montana Warrior Challenge (Helena-September 20th, 2015)
-Yoga Pilot Program (communities not identified)
-Non-Medicinal Pain Management (acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, and nutrition management)
-H2O VetRec (Project would include rental of water recreational equipment at minimal costs or group therapy trips hosted by qualified vet facilitators)

Of course, none of these programs or opportunities come without financial support. This is why we are currently applying for grants, asking for donations and sponsorships, and working with our community foundations to support these important and non-traditional support programs. If you know of anyone who may benefit from any of these programs please let them know about us and have them contact us at 406-431-6530. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Until we meet again…