Financial Wellness Pillar Support

Day number two of pillar support information sharing we get to share one of the most difficult topics, but yet most rewarding when an individual or family is accountable. It takes very strong discipline to develop goals, a plan, and then execute the plan. And in the case of a marriage, it can be even harder to do because it requires good communication on both spouses parts.

This is why we feel very strong about financial management courses. They have the ability to not only get an individual or family on track with finances, but it develops other disciplines as well, which can be instrumental in how connected one is their world around them. When finances go astray, things can go downhill fast.

Our chosen financial adviser is Dave Ramsey, and our chosen initial financial management course is his Financial Peace University. As a military and Veteran community support non-profit we facilitate these classes to help our military members and Veterans go through the class (9 weeks) with reduced cost. There is a cost involved simply because the individual/families will have more emotional attachment with having an investment of their own dollars for the course.

If you know of any current Montana Reservists, National Guard, Active Duty, or Veterans who you think would benefit from attending the classes we will be starting one in late January in Helena. We will have five openings to begin with for the first class for any military category listed above. Please share with others so we continue getting the word out.