Family Wellness Pillar Support

An integral part of comprehensive wellness is the ability for relationships to sustain and grow. Military service can be a debilitating factor when it comes to relationships, and family unit value is a consideration when it comes to working through challenges related to military culture.

So as you have already seen with the other four support pillars (and you will see with the last one as well), each support pillar has the ability to positively influence each other. Family support is similar in that when the family nucleus is off, all other wellness components will suffer as well.

It is our objective to help families grow through different programs that will help them work together to get through some of the challenges that have been a cause for deterioration. Working with families will include identifying current support organizations that have family growth opportunities, as well as identifying new services that may benefit families going through challenges. Examples would include family retreats, horseback riding trips, camping, and identifying activities that families enjoy doing together, or things they have enjoyed doing together when life was positive. The concept is to recreate valuable experiences together and to provide mentorship experiences with positive role models. More specific examples would be subsidizing: dance classes; weekend getaways (coordinate with sites who may accommodate); family team building activities; etc.

We will work with desirable locations around the state to create these opportunities.