Career Wellness Pillar Support

Even though there are many programs in Montana that can help with career opportunities post military service we have some creative ways to help influence a positive career change. First and foremost, we have a broad understanding of what programs do exist and can help an individual or family go through the steps to determine which road to take when it comes to a new career. We also have some resources that we recommend to help influence positive career change.

We understand that there are many factors to consider when seeking that next career move. Things like location, income potential, autonomy, education requirements, and flexibility are important and can influence the direction in which a person or family goes. Perhaps service to others also comes into play.

Our objective with career support is to help others navigate resources and provide career mentorship when the opportunity is provided. The idea is to help individuals continue professional development in opportunities that do not normally present themselves. Examples include: sending individuals to various professional development training; coordinating and developing small business development courses and mentorship from other vet small business owners; sponsoring community leadership involvement; helping find education opportunities that may not exist in Montana and the means to accomplish the goals. Specific grants from organizations seeking to support workforce development will be applied for to support this project.

An example of this would be helping a Veteran go through the process to open up a new Crossfit gym, which would open up doors for Veterans and the military community (with our membership assistance) and physical fitness/social wellness. All of our programs through Impact Montana are intented to “pay it forward”.