You can get a taste of how important family is to Impact Montana based on our encouragement of families to participate in community events and other activities together.  Spending quality time with one another, whether it is at a community event, marriage retreat, volunteering together, or on a date night is imperative for a couple to thrive.  Impact Montana can be a catalyst to help make families stronger through life coaching, community events, and spouse-to-spouse support.

Spouses do not always understand what their loved one is going through, but when spouses connect to other spouses and share their struggles in a spouse-to-spouse context life can be easier to navigate.

Life Coaching and Family Support

Sometimes picking up the phone and having a person to talk to who has been through the same experience can make a lasting impact for a person going through trials.  When a simple phone call will not suffice, it may mean that getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is necessary.  Impact Montana can assist with retreat support for those who feel the need to get away and interact with those who can empathize.

Along with spouse support, the family support that we have the ability to provide can also mean parents, siblings, and offspring.