Military Service members and Veterans often have a tendency to think they aredefined by their service. Disconnection from service can create spiritual challenges; and the spiritual challenges can be more severe when individuals experience traumatic events from war. Reconnecting individuals and families to purpose is essential in their personal wellness post military service, which is the exact reason many of our activities and support addresses individual and family spirituality.

Spiritual wellness is the cornerstone for successful reintegration, as well as for Impact Montana’s organizational model. Many of the military cultural issues that Veterans face such as homelessness, relationship/marital issues, substance abuse, PTSD, and loss of purpose/hope are because of derived from spiritual damage in military service. We can help restore the individual and family spirit when someone is seeking restoration.

Conduit to Spiritual Warrior Programs
Healing from spiritual war trauma can be sought by individuals through many
different ways, and we recognize that faith-based programs may not be the
preferred method of restoring the soul; however, we can walk through the darkness
with an individual or family to determine what is right, as well as connect them to
what we mutually determine can be effective. The soul is often the most neglected
part of the warrior’s body, and when it is neglected it can be devastating for many.
Darkness does not have to be permanent, and it is always our goal to help our fellow
Veterans navigate to the light.

Community Service
As you can see we have many opportunities for our Service members, Veterans and
their Families to give back. Feeling a part of something bigger than self is a way to
fill internal spiritual holes. Impact Montana is about community supporting our
military and Veteran community. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty by
contributing to helping make our great state even better by strengthening those
who have—and continue to serve.