Peer-to-Peer support may be the most powerful and influential support known to Vets and the military community.  The days of sitting at a bar and talking about war stories are over.  Getting 5-10 of your best friends who have shared the same experiences as you and doing something you all enjoy is a tremendous way to connect to others and unwind.

All of our events accomplish this, but we have more ways to support military families and Vets with social activities that will make a lasting impact.  We have been accused of several things, but having a lack of creativity is surely not one.

We recommend checking out our calendar to catch information on our community events and activities.

  • Community Events
  • Holiday and Joining Community Forces Events
  • Montana Military Community Appreciation Gala
  • Statewide Airshows

Let’s face it, some of our best friends in life come from sharing some nasty (and nice) experiences in the military.  It is not always easy to reconnect to these friends, but when it does happen there are memories to be made to last a lifetime.  We want to help you make those memories.  To support your social activities we will work with facilities to help reduce costs associated with the activities you love.  Some of the examples of social activities that we can assist with include:

  • Skydiving Ventures
  • Watersports Ventures
  • Zipline/Adventure Sport Ventures
  • Veteran Group or Family Getaways
  • Community Event Tickets
  • Sports Events Tickets

Canine Companions

Caring for a dog appropriately can be challenging by itself, let alone much more difficult if there is an owner posed physical limitation.  We want to make sure that the dogs who are put to work to take care of our Veterans are also taken care of through proper training, nutrition, medical care, and living conditions.  We will also work with the community to make sure this takes shape and that both the Veteran and dog are successful.